Short Films

Life is an adventure. To tell a story in film is to capture that adventure. My films are award-winning stories that will tug at something in your heart and send chills down your spine.



e-Communication Film and Media Arts Endorsement

Lawrence High Focus Film Festival Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film for The Wall

eMagine Film Festival Best in Show Video for The Wall

eMagine Film Festival 1st Place Short Film for The Wall 


Student Television Network National Mass Media Conference PSA Honorable mention for 911 Call

eMagine Film Festival 1st Place PSA for Don’t Text and Drive

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration 1st Place Multi Media Award for The Injustice of Silence

Music videos

With music videos, anything goes! Dressing 400 students up like animals? Sure! Animating jetpacks on the backs of rappers? Absolutely!